Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Weather is unpredictable, Fleet management is routine.

I would argue at any point that your local SERVPRO has employed the brightest, caring and determined group of technicians available in our South East area if no... READ MORE

Septic back up in basement. Elberton GA

SERVPRO applauds the DIY homeowner willing to attempt clean-up when disaster strikes, but sometimes (as in this case) it's best to call the professionals. Upon ... READ MORE

Septic Back-Up in Toccoa

This septic back up from heavy rain caused damage to this partially finished basement. the home owner called her insurance company and after speaking to her adj... READ MORE

Damage due to Freeze in Toccoa

This secondary home was affected by the freeze in the beginning of the year. The home owner came by to check on the home and found the doors swollen shut due to... READ MORE

Water Damage from Tree

All too often exceptional customer service is very uncommon; However, SERVPRO of The Mountains and it's staff have been anything but uncommon. We have nothing b... READ MORE

Water Damage in Franklin County

After a long week of heavy rainfall, another torrent caused septic water to run back through the toilet and into this home in Carnesville, GA. Whenever septic o... READ MORE

Significant water accumulation in basement

Excess water inflow that even the sump pump could not handle. Drying took only a days which surprised the customer.

Carpet Cleaning at College in Franklin Springs, GA

This carpet cleaning was done in Franklin Springs, SERVPRO was asked to clean their carpets. The before picture was an area they were concerned about. Ad in the... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Toccoa

This home in Toccoa, GA was a result of a storm with a tree falling on the home. Notice the extent of the damage. The whole ceiling had to be removed as well as... READ MORE