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Vapor Barrier Replacement

This amazing homeowner called with concerns of dust in the home and moisture in the crawlspace. After our trained certified representative met with the homeowne... READ MORE

When replacement is not an option, give the best clean you can!

When a loss occurs at your home of business there are a lot of things to consider beyond what is damaged and what is not. Some materials may be perfectly cleana... READ MORE

Cleaning Carpets can be successful after a fire loss

After a fire loss there are more than enough things to measure when considering restoring vs. replacement. Is there any physical damage like charring or permane... READ MORE

Weather is unpredictable, Fleet management is routine.

I would argue at any point that your local SERVPRO has employed the brightest, caring and determined group of technicians available in our South East area if no... READ MORE

Fire sprinklers are a must have, unfortunately they don't always work properly

Fire sprinklers are a requirement and a necessity in every commercial structure to protect against or limit damage caused by fire. As with everything else that ... READ MORE

Some damage can remain hidden during a water loss.

If you suspect a water loss has occurred in your home or business it is helpful to know that some damage can remain hidden to the naked eye. Leaving this unseen... READ MORE

Should you clean your duct work after a fire?

After experiencing a fire and assuming the structure was not a total loss, we took several steps, including inspecting structural surfaces and contents for char... READ MORE

Septic Back up in Lavonia, GA

The Bathroom at this home in Lavonia, Ga suffered a septic backup entering the home via the toilet, bathtub and sink. When our techs arrived they found small am... READ MORE

Making dirty carpet clean at a water damage in Hartwell, GA.

This Nightclub in Hartwell, Ga. called SERVPRO to respond after a sewage backup in the rear area and had flooding the storage, offices and rear entrance and als... READ MORE

Office Carpet Cleaning

After some much needed attention this customer in Royston Ga, was happy to see her carpets brought back to life and smelling fresh. Offices and work spaces offe... READ MORE