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Some damage can remain hidden during a water loss.

If you suspect a water loss has occurred in your home or business it is helpful to know that some damage can remain hidden to the naked eye. Leaving this unseen... READ MORE

Septic Back up in Lavonia, GA

The Bathroom at this home in Lavonia, Ga suffered a septic backup entering the home via the toilet, bathtub and sink. When our techs arrived they found small am... READ MORE

Duct cleaning

This customer in Clarkesville called our office with a common problem, they had been noticing heavy dusting in their home and were also experiencing allergy lik... READ MORE

Water heater in Sautee floods basement

This was a damage caused by a leaking water heater in Sautee GA. 100% of the basement was affected and having ran for an undetermined amount of time caused mold... READ MORE

Water Damage in Lavonia, GA

This home owner came home to a water damage in the basement caused by the hot water heater. When SERVPRO was on site, we able to assess the water damage and beg... READ MORE

Water Damage in Martin, GA

When this home owner discovered the hot water heater valve had broken causing a water damage throughout the basement she called SERVPRO to repair the damage. As... READ MORE