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Why a small fire is still a big problem

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

Smoldering fire Even small fires can cause BIG problems, SERVPRO is "Here to Help"

It was just a small grease fire that never got off the kitchen stove. Or maybe the space heater was too close to the trashcan and set some papers on fire but quickly went out.

Even if the fire itself did little or no damage, its the smoke and vapors that could create a lasting problem.

We all know from grade school science that hot air rises and that temperatures will equalize in a confined space. Both of those laws of physics can increase the challenge of a small fire.

As any fire burns, it will put off smoke, vapor and gases. All of which will be driven upwards and outwards from the fire itself. That hot air can also carry an amazing amount of soot with it.

The damaging smoke can travel and will eventually fill the structure completely until finally escaping thru leaks around doors, windows or the attic.

As the areas closest the fire heat up, smoke and vapor can be driven into cracks and crevices. It the temperature of the ceilings and wall increase to a certain point, the pores of those surfaces can expand allowing the smoke to penetrate directly.

That hot air will continue to move away from the fire source seeking to equalize with the cooler air. Of course, it will carry the smoke, gases and soot with it.     

As the air loses it’s energy, it will begin to drop those vapors and soot on surfaces throughout the structure.

Now the soot, odor and vapor residue has been spread throughout the building including places that can’t be accessed by hand.

Professionally restoring a home or business after damage can be quite involved even when the fire itself was small.

A source removal of all soot, grease and other films on all surfaces must be completed as a first step. Deodorization of the air space including unseen cracks and crevices must be done as well. Finally, all fabrics including carpets, upholstery and drapery must be thoroughly cleaned.

The professionals at your hometown SERVPRO of Tri-County can assist with restoring your home or business with total cleaning and restoration.    Call today for a free consultation and quote.

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