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Water Damage Testimonials

Kelly and all the crews did a great job for me. VERY PLEASED

Very satisfied with the beginning and ending of their great job guys

I would like to give a kudos to the entire crew that helped with this last water issue. You guys always give prompt service and it is truly appreciated. Kelly was wonderful as was everyone. Thank you all so much! I never look forward to calling on you guys but rest assured when I have an issue, SERVPRO is my first panic call because I know I can count on you all! Thanks for everything.

Thanks so much for the fast reaction on my water problem. Also the man that came out was the nicest person anyone could ask for. Thanks again for the wonderful service.

They know their business well, and they help homeowners through the process very well. We have had excellent service stating on the afternoon of our loss.

From the 1st phone contact with SERVPRO until the clean up was completed I was overwhelmed by the professionalism, friendliness and service of the SERVPRO team.

The process was easy and the guys were so professional. I will DEFINITELY recommend SERVPRO!

Johnny very helpful and courteous, Jacob also very helpful and courteous, would recommend theses guys to anyone, Thanks to entire staff who boxed and moved items, staff who removed debris and dried out our house, liked it never happened.

Top notch job very impressed with the service. They dealt with the problem.

Dean from SERVPRO arrived promptly, was very knowledgeable. He explained the process for recovery from our flood disaster carefully and completely. He was sympathetic and professional. The insurance company told us it was an excellent job making all the right decisions to save the apartment.

Techs were always flexible with monitoring and communication methods. Great Service!

The entire team that helped us were so thoughtful, timely, and considerate. We couldn't be happier with all the work they did and help they were they were more than willing to give. I pray that no one else has to deal with water damage but if they do call them.

Thank you for such a professional, hard working, courteous staff!  So easy to work with all staff. Josh kept me informed and answered my questions. Josh and his team were professional, polite and respectful of our property. Their care and concern eased the stress of this situation. These folks are calm and hard workers. They don't waste time! This is and outstanding team! They represent SERVPRO well!

I was so amazed at the professionalism of this organization. Everyone was awesome! Thank you to everyone evolved! 

Very impressed with the quick response to our call. Everyone was very professional and explained all of the process they were doing and why. Personnel that serviced daily was excellent!

SERVPRO is great! had not been for their knowledge unseen damage would have been left unaddressed. Thank you

I love this SERVPRO team!! The addressed and fully corrected all our concerns. I highly recommend them. Great Job!

Bill and team were outstanding! I felt very comfortable having them in my home and the level of professionalism they held.

Very professional and courteous. Everyone! Patrick not only introduced himself but offered his handshake, unusual for someone so young. All introduced and very very professional.

They were caring, helpful, and courteous. It was an overwhelming situation and they made me feel better about it. Even though I really hope I never have to use them again. They are great guys. Thanks!!

Your team was very professional. We appreciate everything you did. Great job!

We were very pleased with all aspects of SERVPRO's response to our situation. They were very thorough in their job and very cordial in answering our questions. We will definitely use SERVPRO if ever the need should occur again. We high commend your staff for their ability and dedication to our satisfaction! (Water Damage Restoration)

Jacob was very polite, professional, and such a nice guy! Helpful and made sure we understood what all was going on. Thank you Jacob! (In regards to Residential Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services)

I love the tips you put in your monthly Newslines - like putting foil under legs of furniture when there is a water leak. Never knew that! I feel better prepared for the worst from reading your newsletters! -Lavonia, Georgia

SERVPRO was great, responsive and prompt. (In regards to Emergency Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services provided at Lavonia First Baptist Church)

Everyone with SERVPRO showed professionalism and were great to work with. (Water Damage Restoration)

They are the best. Did a great job. (Water Damage Restoration)

Brian did great work and was a pleasure. He arrived quickly, worked fast and was thorough. (Water Damage Restoration)

SERVPRO was very professional, prompt and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service. Could not have asked for better service. (Water Damage Restoration)

SERVPRO was quick to respond, helpful, and were very courteous to me. Jennifer, Bill, and Nicholas were very helpful. Thank you for all your help! (Water Damage Restoration)

I thank God for Nick and the other men, they were very kind and understanding with me. They did their job and was very courteous to me. (Water Damage Restoration)

Your men were very courteous and professional. I would recommend you to anyone. (Water Damage Restoration)

I have had SERVPRO take care of a problem at my home in the past. They did an excellent job. I would highly recommend SERVPRO! (Water Damage Restoration)

They did an excellent job. Job well done! (Water Damage Restoration)

Thanks to all the men that came out to help with our flood problem. They were so very helpful in taking care of this mess. (Water Damage Restoration)

Did a great job, they came to my house within 3 hours of my call. Very professional and courteous with my home. (Water Damage Restoration)

I am very impressed, thank you for your prompt and professional response. (Water Damage Restoration)

I thought the technicians were extremely knowledgeable. (Water Damage Restoration)

SERVPRO was professional, sincere, timely, concerned with us. (Water Damage Restoration)

They all were awesome and very nice guys. I am very pleased with all personnel that came out. (Water Damage Restoration)

They were very professional, helpful and cooperative - Very quick response and met all our needs! It was a pleasure doing business with SERVPRO. (Water Damage Restoration)

They were very professional and courteous. Hopefully we will not have a need for a service for water damage again but if we do, we would certainly call SERVPRO again! (Water Damage Restoration)

All of the employees and manager did a wonderful job through the whole process. Thank you all for a job well done! My husband even said that he is going to miss those SERVPRO guys when they are gone. (Water Damage Restoration)

They did a great job. Everything was done right! (Water Damage Restoration)

Thanks for a good job! (Water Damage Mitigation)

SERVPRO did everything they were supposed to. They were all super gentlemen. We were very satisfied with everything they did. They are great people to work for you. I would call them again in a minute. (Water Damage Restoration)

SERVPRO has got it going on! They did a great job! (Water Damage Restoration)

The results of SERVPRO's work were excellent, particularly considering that we were not present at the site but were 350 miles away. They made it look "Like It never even happened". (Water Damage Restoration)

Thank you! You did a great job as quickly as possible so my family could get back to normal! (Water Damage Restoration)

They did a wonderful job! (Water Damage Mitigation)

Excellent Service (Water Damage Mitigation)

Thanks so much for your help. (Water Damage Mitigation)

They were all great. Could not ask for any better. (Water Mitigation)

Jacob, John, Bill & Jason deserve full and complete accolades for their prompt, courteous and hard working approaches on completing this project in our home.

Jacob, John & Bill deserve full and complete accolades for their prompt, courteous, and hard working approaches on completing this project in our home. (Water Damage Mitigation)

Very Prompt when contacted.

Everyone was very nice and helpful. I am really pleased.

Very Pleased

Keep doing exactly what you are doing now!

Great Service!!!!

Both Bill and Jacob were attentive. Their daily updates put me and my worries at ease.

Thank you all on The SERVPRO Team that helped us. You all are great and very, very professional at your job!!!

Very Good Job

Thanks again for your great service and friendly staff!

Crew was hard working. Bill was a great project manager.

The men were awesome! The ladies handling calls were very friendly.

All of the men were helpful, kind, and courteous. They explained everything that they were doing step by step which we appreciated. You have a great team and a SATISFIED customer.

Jacob and his staff were superlative I feel like you sent me Hallmark-The very best. Your company is tops in Customer Satisfaction.

I would and have recommended you to anyone! I am very pleased. I met the franchise owner when I placed them in a booth at The Pre-Fourth Festival in Hartwell. I remembered you and recommended you to our neighbors down the street before. When this happened to us I knew to call you immediately. Thanks! (In regards to Emergency Residential Water Damage Restoration Services)

My impression is I am honored to have had such fine outstanding workers and friends during my flood. Thanks for all your wonderful help and good hard work. You made this mess almost enjoyable. I cannot wait to tell all my friends of my experience. (In regards to Emergency Residential Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup Services) - Royston, Georgia

Friendly and on time all during the drying of my home from water damage. These guys were very professional and after our first meeting I felt as though I could trust them in my home. (In regards to Emergency Residential Water Damage Services provided through Holiday Weekend) - Hartwell, Georgia

The group from SERVPRO was excellent, caring very prompt.

The crew exceeded my expectations ! I would highly recommend them. They were the nicest people !

Good Job !

The crew was great! Nicholas was very informative and personable. While being empathetic he provided choices yet ensured all would be cared for and it was.

The guys were prompt and if we were told a time they would be here, they were always on time!!

Very nice and courteous personnel.

I appreciate the quick response and very helpful results.

Kat packed the contents of my kitchen so carefully and quickly that it amazed me. The care and concern for the health and safety of my family was beyond excellent.

SERVPRO was very reassuring during this difficult crisis at our house. They did an excellent job of strengthening our confidence in them throughout the clean-up process. Nick (Freeman) was very faithful in keeping me informed as to how the clean-up was progressing.

We were very pleased with the service and impressed with the knowledge the staff had, especially Josh (Reeder).

I am pleased to report that the job site looked great, your tech's were professional, the estimate was prepared timely, and the estimate is accurate. Great Job! This is the 2nd really good experience I have had with your team. (regarding a water damage issue at Hebron Baptist Church)

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Nicholas Alzen and Shane did an excellent job.

Nicholas was very professional in his working with myself and my wife, and in the job that he did. I know that being in a service industry you receive a lot of complaints from customers but I wanted to take the time to give you comment from a very satisfied customer.

They honestly made the process of getting everything dried painless to me and my family. I was told the MOP by Nick and he was here everyday managing and explaining the process of getting it ready for rebuild. The entire staff was courteous and professional through the process. They jumped on it quick and got it done. THANK YOU SERVPRO! Hopefully I will not need your services again but if I do then I know I will be calling you!

Aaron was very knowledgeable about our problem, what needed to be done to correct the problem. He was very professional and kept us informed through every step of the process. We appreciate his concerns for us and our well being! Thank you!!

The onsite personal explained what they were doing and why it was being done in terms that were easily understood. They were very patient about answering my questions.

Such wonderful help! Could not believe they mad an awful time beurable!

SERVPRO team was onsite within 2-3 hours of the initial call. They remained focus on the job and making me feel secure. They respected my schedule. I would use them again.

Great to work with. Very detailed in explanations. Kept me informed through out the process.

This entire group displayed professionalism the entire time they were here. They answered questions and went out of their way to address any concerns I had. They are the most polite and courteous group of people I have met in a while. SERVPRO should be proud to have these individuals representing the company.

They truly stand out. All of them were personable and a pleasure to interact with. They worked very hard and appeared to know exactly what they were doing. Those that were in charge of the group at any one time were very knowledgeable and took the time to communicate details to me.

Phone communication was encouraged after hours if needed and they stayed in communication with me to let me know when they were coming and what time. Truly remarkable customer service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Very professional, and were here on time everyday. If they were going to be a little behind they would let me know ASAP. This really impressed me about the SERVPRO franchise itself.

Very professional, and were here on time everyday. If the techs were going to be a little behind they would let me know ASAP. This really impressed me about the SERVPRO Franchise itself.

I appreciate your work and always calling to let me know when you would be arriving.

SERVPRO staff was wonderful at every step of this awful storm damage. They are kind and courteous and very patient explaining the process.

SERVPRO personnel worked diligently, efficiently and very respectful of our circumstance during this tragedy. They were patient and explained everything very well.

Everyone that was here was professional, courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. Would absolutely recommend.

I wanted to share with you, the outstanding support and customer service I received from your team, during my recent home disaster.
Nick, Bill, and the initial response team were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and customer focused.
This was my first experience with SERVPRO, and I am beyond impressed.
The team effort, and coordination was superior.
With all due respect, I hope I do not have a need for your services in the future, but, in the event I do, SERVPRO would be my first, and only choice.


SERVPRO of Tri-County & The Mountains was fast at cleaning the water up, taking the carpet and once we got the approval from Allstate to remove furniture they did that quickly and brought it back with no issues after completion.

SERVPRO was outstanding to work with. Punctual, efficient, professional; all very reassuring qualities when in the situation we found ourselves in.